PDNA ambassadors have fun working together to facilitate enjoyable, diverse, unique, and safe entertainment options for families, singles, adults, and kids by taking advantage of our Cultural & Historical assets in the Prairie District and South Michigan Avenue Corridor.

PDNA ambassadors communicate with the unique ability to directly reach several thousand South Loop residents, impacted homeowners associations, and civic officials by way of targeted mail, electronic surveying, E-mail communication and a comprehensive website.

PDNA ambassadors preserve the integrity of the neighborhood’s historic character by exchanging ideas, prioritizing projects, proposing solutions, and implementing plans for the continued protection and long-term vision of the neighborhood.

PDNA ambassadors impact developers, architects, builders, and city planners by influencing the size and shape of real estate, retention or elimination of certain zoning codes and serious studies, such as traffic flow in the community.

PDNA ambassadors represent a respected community organization recognized by city departments, local officials, residents, and other civic organizations, that operates with integrity, diligence, a shared vision, transparent communication policies, a high level of ‘real resident’ participation, and a growing ambition to influence the local political process for the benefit of the community.

PDNA ambassadors give back to the community by sharing their talents in writing, organizing, gardening, fundraising, benefit planning, real estate, finance, computer technology, love of history, love of art, love of socializing and in return are able to live in a dynamic community. PDNA volunteers gain personal satisfaction knowing their efforts have a direct impact on the quality of their lives and the lives of their neighbor.

PDNA ambassadors are part of an informed population of loyal residents with a diverse blend of demographics, financial means, and a long-term outlook to improving the community.

PDNA ambassadors partner with residents, businesses, civic organizations, developers, and city officials to enhance the experience of living in the Prairie District & South Michigan Avenue Corridor.

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