Community Meetings

PDNA hosts Community Meetings as needed throughout the year to address upcoming South Loop developments and issues related to schools, safety, transportation, construction, etc. These meetings, which are open to the public, provide community members the opportunity to be informed, ask questions, and provide valuable feedback to our Alderman, 1st District/CAPS, CPS, City Officials and Developers.

The meetings are held on weekday evenings in a convenient South Loop location.

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PDNA community meeting
[vcex_button url=”” title=”View the presentation from the 2/16/15 meeting” style=”three-d” align=”center” icon_type=”fontawesome” custom_background=”#db7c00″ custom_hover_background=”#dddddd” custom_color=”#ffffff” custom_hover_color=”#db7c00″ font_weight=”semibold” target=”blank”]View the presentation from the 2/16/15 meeting[/vcex_button]

Featured Event Partners – 2015

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